Xinjiang | A Traveler's Guide to Far West China

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Xinjiang | A Traveler's Guide to Far West China

Go West Ventures, LLC
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Xinjiang | A Traveler's Guide to Far West China is the most comprehensive, up-to-date guide available on the Xinjiang region. Whether you're a backpacker looking for information on hiking the Tianshan Mountains or a luxury traveler trying to discover a bed and breakfast in a comfortable grape orchard, this book covers everything you think you need to know...and more.

Inside this Xinjiang Travel Guide:

  • Color Maps: Detailed color maps for every major city and region in Xinjiang.
  • Simple Navigation: Find what you're looking for without a huge fuss.
  • Itineraries: Helpful itineraries to get you started on your planning.
  • Detailed Coverage: Most guides on Xinjiang just cover a select few cities. This PDF guide has 500+ pages to cover it all.
  • Adventure Travel: Tips for exploring Xinjiang's beautiful natural scenery.
  • Mandarin & Pinyin: Every location, every street, every city is in both Mandarin characters and pinyin for pronunciation.
  • Hotel Recommendations: Find the best luxury hotels, mid-range hotels or hostels in each city.
  • Up-to-Date: Information that is current as of July 2018.

Bonus Features once you register your purchase:

  • Downloadable Maps: Get the full resolution maps to print or download to your tablet/phone.
  • Travel Discounts Page: Receive exclusive discounts from Xinjiang travel agencies and other China travel-related services.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group: Get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your itinerary.
  • Xinjiang HD Wallpapers: Get access to profession, HD-quality Xinjiang photographs perfectly sized for your computer or tablet.

Moving to Xinjiang? This guide will become an indispensable part of your library as you prepare for moving and even after you arrive.

The Best Choice: FarWestChina offers the best guide from the most trusted source of information on the region.

About FarWestChina.com: Started in 2006 as a simple blog, FarWestChina has grown to become the most-trusted source of information available on the Xinjiang region. Run by Josh Summers, an American who currently lives in the Xinjiang capital of Urumqi, FarWestChina has been awarded numerous awards and been featured in newspapers and magazines internationally.

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